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5 Keys to Homeopathic Effectiveness

 Are you looking to maximize the impact of your homeopathic supplements? Then here are 5 strategies that will help. Use these 5 keys to homeopathic effectiveness and you'll love the results!

1. Understand the Loading Phase.

In homeopathy, the loading phase is the time where your body begins to get used to your new product. It's important to take your product every day during this period. Mark your calendar on the day you begin using your product so you'll know when your three month loading phase ends.

2. Know that Homeopathic Products Take Time.

Homeopathic products can begin to work right away in your body, but it may take longer to feel the results because homeopathic remedies are natural and more gentle to your system. Unlike conventional drugs and medications that you can feel immediately, homeopathic products need time to safely and gradually make an impact.

 3. Understand Aggravation

Occasionally homeopathic remedies cause unexpected aches or pains in a place where there is previous injury. This is called “retracing” or “aggravation.” What's happening is the product is rushing to the site that once needed healing. If the discomfort or symptoms are too much, simply dilute your product with water, decrease your dosage, or take a few weeks off before trying again with a lower dosage. 

 4. Detox

Sometimes homeopathic products can stimulate a detox response. The best way to help them work is to help your body flush the toxins out. Drink a lot of water. Making sure you are well hydrated will make it easier to detox. Also, make sure you're eating enough. Focus on a diet of nutrient dense calories and protein, and your body will have what it needs to get rid of toxins. Sometimes detoxing can have side effects like headaches, tiredness, or even flu like symptoms. But, if you drink plenty of water and keep eating healthy, these symptoms should subside within a day or two.

 5. Take Cycling Breaks

After an extended period of taking the same homeopathic product, sometimes it's good to take a little break. Mark your calendar and set reminders, so you don't take too long of a break and impact your results. At proBLEN we recommend taking one day off each week after the loading period of taking the product every day for three months in a row. Then, after each full three months of therapy, take a full week off. During your off week, consider trying a new, complementary product. For example, if you regularly take proBLEN HGH Original, try using HGH Complex. Or, if you use proBLEN's Thyroid product regularly, try using proBLEN Adrenal & DHEA or Libido on your cycling breaks. Using homeopathic products together and cycling appropriately can cause a synergy that can help your body in amazing ways.

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