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If you’ve read our ‘About Us’ page, you know ProBLEN was established in 1997 with the goal of helping people like you – people who care about their health, not just for today, but for the future.  You are looking to Live Young and Age to the maximum of your potential and we can help you achieve that enhanced Life.

What makes ProBLEN different is we don’t advocate a quick fix diet or life change to start you on the path to a better You.  We understand that in order to be better, you must care not only for the obvious symptoms of poor nutrition or lack of exercise.  You must pay attention to your body as a whole.  Our line of professionally blended supplements targets multiple areas at the same time and prepares you for the next stage in your mental and physical nourishment.

Top New Year Resolutions & How HGH Could Help You

With this in mind, let us take a look at some of the top New Year’s Resolutions that we’ve all made in one form or another, year after year:

    Lose the spare tire around your midsection
    Exercise more (or build up Stamina)
    Spend more time with family or friends
    Get more out of Life
    Curb or quit our bad habits – smoking, drinking, etc.
    Clear out the clutter – garage, spare room, attic

These are only a few of the more common ones.  I’m sure you have some unique ones that could, in some form or another, fit into one of these categories.  Let us take the next article or three to explore what ProBLEN can do to help make these promises to ourselves stick and not disappear by the middle of February.  In fact, let’s begin there – with the date.

Why build our minds up to this artificial starting period when everyone knows that 4 out of 5 resolutions aren’t kept long after the first month?  The most common sense answer is to not use January 1st as a crutch.  If you’ve made up your mind to revamp your life, begin right then and there.  Do not wait and let your doubts get the better of you.  You lose your nerve and you’ll end up being another victim of lost Willpower.

Okay, the biggie:  Weight Loss.  Whether it is to shed a few pounds so we can fit into our skinny jeans again or you need to lose some serious weight because of health concerns, this resolution is a constant wish of most people.  The best way to accomplish this goal is to start as soon as you make the decision – again, don’t wait for an arbitrary date to begin your new outlook.  But how to go about it?

Exercise and HGH

There’s a simple answer:  get off your behind, eat less and move more than you remain stationary (a hint here, stationary is a synonym for ‘Lifeless’ – just a thought).  ProBLEN’s new dietary supplement can get you on the right path.  Combine it with our HGH or HGH+ products, along with a slow, steady exercise regimen, and you’ll be on the right path.

Start by simply forgetting the buffet line and eating smaller portions with each meal.  We no longer should feel the desire to clean our plates like our Mothers told us.  When I go to a restaurant, I’m not afraid to ask for a ‘To-Go’ box for items left over.  I eat a healthy portion first, then use the rest as an after exercise snack later in the day (or the next day).  That way, I’m not wasting anything and the snack can actually count as another light meal.

Now, especially if you make a dramatic switch from a diet of fast-food to more nutritional fare, your body will probably react in a dramatic way, too.  A shift in what it is used to can cause some temporary side-effects – headaches, unusual bathroom breaks, and/or abnormal sleep habits.  These should all be mostly temporary, but they are ways for the body to tell us it is missing something or reacting to something it hasn’t experienced in some time.  Try adding in ProBLEN’s new Digestive Enzyme/Probiotic supplement.

This dietary aid helps to support your healthy shift in digestion and allows your body to absorb more completely the nutrients from the new calorie restrictions you’ve been giving it.  Sure, you’ve cut back the portions, but that means you have reduced the amount of nutrition to which your body has adjusted.  The DE/P helps to draw more of those usable enzymes and transfer that life force to our bodies.

Toss in our newly formulated Weight Loss aid and your metabolism will be helped to make the adjustment from your new regimen.  It has specialized ingredients that help in fat burning and increase lean body mass.  The Eleuthero root extract alone can even help detoxify your liver from a good amount of the ‘bad’ foods you’ve been used to eating.

The point here is that by thinking in small, short term goals – building slowly to  a larger, long sighted milestone – you can get focused and Resolve to stick with your new outlook on living.  You don’t need a New Year to start.  Remember, ProBLEN is here to help, but it is up to you to do it right and do it for your Life.

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