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 by S. Ashton Faulkner


Spring is here.  Sure, the mornings are still chilly - downright cold in some parts of the country - and there's a good chance many of you are driving or biking to work in the wee hours before the morning sunrise.  We have just come off a few dark and frozen months and it may take a bit to shake away the slothful dispositions some of us have acquired.   By the time you've put in a full day at your job, all you want to do is head home not think about the list of chores waiting for you. 


But, Spring is here.  It is a time for renewal, for the world to come out of the deep hibernation sleep of Winter.  There are more daylight hours in the evenings, birds are chirping, everything is moving, moving, moving.  So why aren't you?

 Mood Swings from Seasonal Affective Disorder

Some people can explain their inactivity with the regular mood swings associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or, more commonly, the Winter Blues.  This is akin to a hibernation-like mentality that the longer, darker nights of the recent months have sent into our collective unconscious minds.  It can cause anxiety, fatigue, and a lowered ability to deal with Stress or Depression.  Some of these symptoms can also be attributed to an imbalanced Adrenal system in the body.


ProBLEN wants to help tame these dour feelings and symptoms by including our Adrenal & DHEA supplement to your recovery regimen.  Low levels of DHEA (produced by the adrenal glands) can lead to an imbalance and actually increase the negative aspects of the Winter Blues.  Another aspect of DHEA imbalance comes from getting older.  In some cases, people can naturally lose upwards of 80% of the hormone they had in their twenties.  ProBLEN's specially formulated supplement aids in getting your levels back on track.


Supplemental Therapy For Seasonal Affective Disorder

Of course, supplemental therapy is just that, a homeopathic aid to help you out while you also work on the other aspects of recovery.  You also need to get up and walk outside, breathing the fresh Spring air.  Maybe work in the yard, go for a run to the park, play ball with your kids.  Even volunteering at your church or simply gathering some of those old toys and clothes to give away to charity can boost your spirits.  Taking on new projects - think Spring Cleaning or exercise - allows you to get your mind focused and back in the game.


Once you are there, looking to the sky again with eyes wide and full of Hope for the coming future days, turned from the dark nights of Winter, find us here at ProBLEN.  Our full line of nutrient and hormone supplements from Digestive Enzymes to Multi-Plus vitamins, from Testosterone and HGH therapies provide many solutions that help you to Live Young and Age Well.

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