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8 Signs You Need to Drink More Water
Hydration is a key to health, but sometimes it’s the simplest activities that are hardest to remember. Do you have a healthy water habit? Or, are you chronically dehydrated? Even if you drink your six to eight glasses a day, your body still may not be getting all the hydration it needs. 
Here are eight signs that you need to drink more water. 

1) You’re Thirsty. 
 This is a simple one, but most people don’t know that by the time you are thirsty, your body could have already lost up to 2 percent of its water content. 

 2) You’re Hungry. 
One surprising reality of dehydration (even mild dehydration) is that you may feel hungry! Because dehydration interferes with the body’s natural process of using glucose stores for energy, you may find yourself eating more or even craving more sugary foods simply because your body is crying out for more water. 

 3) Your Urine is Too Dark. 
Watch your pee for water deprivation. When you haven’t had enough water, your body has to work harder to flush out the toxins. This will make your urine a much darker yellow color. Healthy urine is clearer and lighter yellow in color. This can be one of the easiest signals that you need to start drinking more water. 

4) You’re Gaining Weight. 
If you’re trying to lose weight, dehydration is not your friend. In fact, not drinking enough water makes it easier to pack on the pounds because your metabolism slows down. Drinking more water helps each of your body’s systems work as they were designed to work. 

5) Constipation. 
Again, the bathroom can tell the story if your body needs more water. A hydrated body will have an easier time passing stool. When you don’t drink enough, your stool can get hard and more difficult to pass. 

6) Frequent Sickness.
Did you know that water plays an important role in flushing your body of toxins—including bacteria and viruses. When you drink enough water, you help your body flush these unwanted visitors out more frequently. This helps your body stay healthier. 

7) You’re Tired. 
Dehydration often leads to fatigue. Here’s why. When you don’t have enough fluid pumping through your body that leads to a decrease in blood volume. This puts extra pressure on your heart to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all of your organs and your muscles. Your heart rate can go up as your heart works harder to do the most basic of its jobs. Drinking plenty of water can help you have more energy for daily activities and can also help increase your exercise performance. 

8) You Have Bad Breath. 

The last sign that you may need to drink more water may be the most obvious—to other people that is. Water is key to saliva production, which is key to keeping your mouth bacteria free. When your body is dehydrated and your mouth feels dry—things can get stinky in there as bacteria builds on your teeth and gums. Sometimes this symptom can be masked with frequent oral care, but a dry mouth should signal you that your body lacks the hydration it needs! 

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