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Have you ever hit the snooze button hoping to finish that great dream you were having or to enjoy the coziness of the warm comforter? Maybe you stayed out late the night before and really need those extra 9 minutes… Turns out you may be on to something, and it isn't what you think.

HGH Weight Loss Research

A recent study from the University of Chicago indicates that there may be a connection between maintaining a longer, regular sleep schedule resulting in healthier, more efficient fat cells in the human body. Apparently, it’s not just about how much we rush around exercising and keeping a steady heart rate. It is also just as important that we step back and take time to relax, go to bed early and sleep late (if you can get away with it).

Boiling it down, the researchers discovered a link where their test subjects who had 8 or more hours of controlled sleep conditions had their fatty tissues be more conducive to insulin response than the group of subjects who were sleeping 5 hours or less. Basically, when the fat cells begin to resist insulin (not being able absorb glucose), metabolic processes that lead to liver disease, Type 2 Diabetes and weight gain become more probable.

This was a short-term study, but it hints that a lifetime of habitually poor use of your slumber time can turn a person’s body into a fat-storing grain silo. Even someone who counts calories and eats healthy portions may end up having the food saved as fat instead of as nutrition – which can end up adding on the pounds despite your best efforts.

Sure, this sounds like common sense reading. We should be eating less high fructose foods and working out more and, of course, sleeping longer. The lure here is that we all want to hit that snooze button – just like we want to eat that chocolate cake and take the elevator instead of jogging up the stairs – the difference being that the cake and the elevator don’t contribute to a healthy body.

HGH for weight Loss

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