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Tax Time Stress

By S. Ashton Faulkner 

So, you’ve finally finished paying off all those holiday bills, maybe you had a little left over to go somewhere special for Spring Break and now, thinking you’ve put enough away for Uncle Sam, you sit down and realize the numbers on your 1040 form just don’t add up.  Money woes are one major cause of stress year-round, but there is something about that April 15th deadline that really gets under our skin.  Here at ProBLEN we may not be able to work some financial magic and get you out off the IRS’s Red column, but we can help you sit back, take a deep breath and Relax – your bank account may be smaller, but your mental ledger will definitely be balanced.

Stress is the name we give all the collective anxiety we experience day in, day out.

Minimize Stress Of Tax Season

The body reacts to stress by releasing hormones that trigger the “fight or flight” response we all learned about in 8th grade Biology.  The best bet to minimize the Stress of tax season is to start early, working on your receipts and other paperwork in a quiet, serene environment.  Of course, if you’re reading this right now, that ship has sailed.  Let’s move on.

First off, step away from the pile of papers.  Staring at them for so long has turned them into bigger mountains than they probably really are.  You may be afraid of climbing those hills lest you fall and become buried alive underneath the avalanche of medical expense receipts and charitable donation forms.  When you take a break, even for a few minutes, it can add a much needed perspective and vital energy to continue with refreshed eyes.  Soak in a hot bath, grab a light meal or play with your kids – anything that will hit that mental reset button.  You’ll feel better for it.

To aid in this endeavor, try adding in ProBLEN’s specially formulated Adrenal & DHEA homeopathic supplement to your Stress reducing efforts.  DHEA (along with Cortisol – both hormones produced by the adrenal gland) is a pressure cushion that can reduce or even negate some stressors as they appear.  When you get financially stressed out, you sometimes feel like it’s too much and want to run away or just give in.  That can lead to dangerous decision making habits – like running up more credit or binge buying with what remains of your checking account – possibly enhanced by a low or imbalanced adrenaline or DHEA hormone level. 

Long-term exposure to Stress is believed to lead to such an imbalance, as the body is attempting to correct itself.  The ramped up production in the adrenals, due to the initial threat, will be reduced over time – even though the anxiety remains.  ProBLEN’s naturally blended supplement will restore this imbalance and get you on the way to tracking down that elusive creature – the Tax Refund…

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