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Love is in the air

Spring is here and Love is in the air! 

Mother Nature is coming out of her deep hibernation.  Leaves are on the trees and the rivers are running.  There are blossoming flowers and the sun is shining.  As Cole Porter said – “Birds do it, Bees do it, even educated Fleas do it.”  Seems like everywhere we turn, the animals are getting frisky.

 So, if they can work it, why can’t you?  Maybe you have a decreased Libido.

 Many factors can lead to a reduced sex drive – Stress, fatigue, weight gain, overuse of drugs or alcohol, certain medications (some antidepressants or ones that lower levels of testosterone), or simple problems in your relationship.  At least one of these causes is completely controllable by you – if you drink or partake in recreational drugs, stop.  If your Libido comes back, you have solved this problem and may now go on with your life.


Ok, back to reality.  Obviously it isn’t as simple as taking one thing wrong with your life and making a course correction.  What we here at ProBLEN can do is help fix certain aspects that allow you and your body to hammer out the remaining issues.


Take our Libido Homeopathic therapy supplement.  ProBLEN has taken key natural ingredients that help you regain your lowered levels of the sex hormone and then maintain them for much longer than you thought possible.  This specifically blended formula works to restore what you’ve lost while not ‘turbo-charging’ your body into overload.  Think of it like a puzzle with too many pieces.  If you try to force some of the extra pieces into the picture, the whole thing falls apart.  Our supplements use only what is necessary and the rest is put on hold until it is needed. 

Try Losing Weight Or Sleeping More

A large portion could be communication with your significant partner.  Talking about your concerns may be just what is needed to get the old sex drive in gear.  And, by all means, work on some of the other perpetrators while you’re at it.  Try our Weight Loss supplement if you have trouble keeping those extra pounds off.  Include our Adrenal/DHEA or Sleep-Aid therapies if you think fatigue is keeping the pump from being primed. 


Basically, we want to aid you in any way we can.  ProBLEN is here to enhance your health and help reverse the aging process.  That is why we have built our line of supplements around the “Live Young, Age Well” philosophy. 


Now, wake the inner You that has been sleeping for too long.  Go forth and tackle Spring head-on.  Savor these beautiful moments with a rejuvenated Libido and you’ll be closer to a marvelous Season of renewal.  

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