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Five Surprising Things to Do to Help Your Immune System

CoVID19. Flu. Colds. Strep Throat. Pneumonia. 

The list of potential, sickness-causing germs seeking to invade your body this winter is long. That’s why you need to be prepared. You can make sure your immune system is armed and ready for the fight with healthy foods, supplements, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise. But what else can you do? Here are five surprising things you can do that will also help your immune system function at its best!

1. Sing. 

Singing has many health benefits including boosting your immune system! And science proves it. Research written about in the US Journal of Behavioral Medicine, shows how those who sing have higher concentrations of both antibodies and anti-stress hormones. Singing also can help relieve stress, which is good for immune building!

2. Laugh.

Find a good comedy, settle in, and laugh your head off and you’ll be doing wonders for your immune system. How? It’s simple, really. When you laugh, you relieve stress. When you relieve stress, you lower cortisol levels. When you lower cortisol levels, you help your immune system! Turns out that laughter may be even better than the best medicine! And get this, after you’ve spent time laughing – you stay in a relaxed state for up to 45 more minutes. This decreases stress hormones and helps your immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies rise so your body can gear up to take on any potential threats!

3. Get a Massage.

Did you know that therapeutic massage naturally increases a healthy immune system’s function? Massage flushes toxins from your system and decreases the number of t-cells in your body. Massage can also increase and stimulate white blood cell activity. Plus, relaxing on that table can reduces those cortisol levels so you can stay healthier.

4. Read a Book.

Researchers at the UK’s University of Sussex report that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress by 68 percent, allowing your immune system to have an opportunity to renew itself so it’s ready to work its magic. Boost the impact of reading by playing some relaxing music in the background and you’ll really help that immune system recharge.

5. Detox Your Lungs.

Like a massage, ridding your body of toxins is vital to staying healthy and keeping your immune system primed and ready for battle. Did you know there’s an easy way to push toxins out of your lungs so that they can stay in peak condition? ProBLEN’s Air Detox is a homeopathic, affordable, easy-to-use spray that aids in the detoxification process of your lungs. Get rid of all forms of toxins—from pollutants, to chemicals in the air, to germs and other harmful things you breathe in every day. Learn more about this immune-boosting homeopathic supplement here.

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