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Talk about Human Growth Hormone(HGH) around the water cooler and you’ll get a variety of impressions. It reverses aging. It restores lost hair. It gives you the energy of a teenager. You’ll become a powerhouse in the sack or even win major sporting competitions. Truth is, these claims are all just that, claims – not backed up with hard evidence either way. Let us see why there are so many different viewpoints on the subject.

HGH Available To The Public  

This assortment of opinion comes from the various types of HGH that are available to the public. Synthetic to Organic, pills or injections, homeopathic supplements (our favorite, naturally) – there are so many choices, so many different effects on the human body. Everything from absorption rate to the concentration of the hormone versus the other ingredients in the mix has led to very mixed results. Ingestible versions, depending upon what kind of shielding the drug has against stomach acids, can release more or less than the indicated dosage – thereby resulting in differing reactions to the hormone. Injections can probably supply directed doses in higher amounts, but that comes with higher regulation and is usually reserved for prescribed cases of HGH deficiencies.

HGH does occur naturally in the body as one of the building blocks for early, rapid growth during your childhood years. Somewhere in the mid-20’s to early 30’s, the body’s production of the hormone tapers off – basically, if you live into or past your 80th birthday, you’ll be lucky to have 10% of the HGH production of your teenage years. The version that seems best at recharging your mid-life creation of HGH is the sublingual or under the tongue sprays.

Like most things in life, too much and too fast of something can lead to more problems than the benefits provided. Intra-muscular injections are suggested to have more immediate side effects – inflammation, joint pain, increased blood pressure, irate sports fans – while also gaining lean body mass and muscle strength and the possibility of a speedy recovery from surgery; hence the higher regulation. Unless you can be under the care of a physician for the duration of your hormone therapy, it may not be worth the effort.

Rapid Absorption HGH

With ProBLEN’s over-the-counter strength, homeopathic drug, you can allow your body the time necessary to rebuild slowly and effectively. It gives rapid absorption of the hormone and convinces your system to speed up the generation of higher levels of HGH in the pituitary glands. Any contractor will tell you that a house needs a firm foundation to have a successful home. A few simple sprays of our oral delivery system can begin to give your body the time to readjust to the slowdown of production as you age.

Combined with better eating and exercising habits and you’ll be on your way to Living Young and Aging Well, the ProBLEN way.

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