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Testosterone Hormone Booster


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Testosterone Hormone Booster
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Product Description: Testosterone

ProBLEN homeopathic Testosterone booster treats the signs and symptoms of low or imbalanced Testosterone naturally helping you increase energy, maintain your weight, and increase your stamina with no side effects.

What It Is

Testosterone is the principle male sex hormone and is responsible for energy levels, weight management, sex drive, and more in both men and women. Common signs of low testosterone include infertility, decreased libido, depression, inability to focus, less endurance, weakness, hair loss, and more.

ProBLEN homeopathic Testosterone Booster treats the signs and symptoms associated with low or imbalanced testosterone. Using specific ingredients that stimulate the body's own production of testosterone, ProBLEN proprietary formula is a safe and natural way to boost testosterone levels. Formulated as Over-The-Counter (OTC) strength, the easy-to-use spray is FDA registered and has no side effects.


Cognitive Function

Not thinking as clearly as you used to? As testosterone levels decline, so does cognitive function, especially for men. Lower testosterone levels reduce mental sharpness, memory, and focus, too. Though testosterone does naturally decrease with age, it's important to continually regulate levels and keep them stable so you can stay sharp.

Weight Management

Low Testosterone is a leading cause of weight gain in men. Because testosterone helps maintain healthy metabolism and energy levels, it's a key player in weight management. After age 30, testosterone begins to decline by 1-2% a year. This leads to an increase in production of body fat particularly around the midsection. This may have serious consequences for your health. Carrying extra weight around the middle can lead to more significant health issues and is often linked with diabetes, stroke and heart attacks.

Boost Energy

When testosterone is low, so is energy. If you feel tired, run down, weak, or disinterested in sex, these are all symptoms of low testosterone. But, the good news is, it's not a permanent condition. When testosterone levels are boosted back to normal range, energy, sexual desire, and motivation return.

Improve Health

Though testosterone plays a more primary role in the health of men, women who suffer low testosterone also experience related health challenges. Low or imbalanced testosterone is now associated with a number of serious health issues including: coronary artery disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, infertility, and more.

In addition to supporting energy, weight management, and mood, restoring testosterone to naturally healthy levels helps both men and women improve maintain muscle strength, improve endurance, keep their bones strong, and increase their overall vitality.

Why It Matters

Focus & Motivation

Contrary to popular conception, regulating testosterone is about more than just your sex drive. A steroid hormone from the androgen group, testosterone is found in both men and women and is a key hormone for staying healthy in a variety of different ways including mentally.

In fact, proper testosterone levels are key to your ability to think clearly. When testosterone levels are down, so are your focus, motivation, and mental sharpness. As testosterone levels increase to normal range, you experience improved motivation, mood and drive. 

Depression and low testosterone walk hand in hand. But, anti-depressant medications can leave you feeling more fatigued and fuzzy. ProBLEN natural Testosterone Booster is a natural way to boost testosterone levels and return your focus and clarity, without negative side effects.

Strength and Endurance

For men testosterone plays an important role in the development of reproductive tissues such as sex organs, the prostate, and even muscles. When testosterone is low, men can see a decrease in their physical strength, endurance, and bone strength.

Women are more sensitive to testosterone and don't need as much to stay healthy. (Women have about 1/10 the amount of testosterone as men.) But, women with low testosterone can still experience many of these same physical symptoms of low testosterone including: weakened bones, less endurance, and decreased strength.

Medical testing can provide the most accurate assessment of testosterone levels, but often individuals with low levels of testosterone feel and notice these symptoms. Using a natural hormone booster like ProBLEN homeopathic Testosterone Booster can bolster physical energy, strength, and endurance leading to improved stamina and energy.

Increase Lean Body Mass

When testosterone levels drop, lean body mass decreases. This then leads to an increase in production of body fat with most of the fat accumulation happening around the waistline. Weight gain around the midsection is often associated with health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. 

But when testosterone levels are balanced and supported, testosterone keeps your body strong and metabolism running well. The more lean muscle you have the easier it is to stay lean and burn fat.

Though testosterone levels naturally begin to decline at age thirty, you don't have to sit idly by and suffer the effects of low testosterone.  ProBLEN homeopathic Testosterone Booster is easier and less expensive than hormone replacement therapies. Plus, it’s safe, natural, and easy to use in the comfort of your own home.

Look & Feel Younger

Just because you're getting older, doesn't mean you have to look older. Low testosterone can leave you with a spare tire around the middle and a bald spot on top.

Testosterone, the same hormone that causes both acne and beard growth, can also be responsible for baldness and hair loss. But, naturally supplementing testosterone can reduce the beginning stages of hair loss and build hair follicle strength.

Maintain your lean body mass, retain your hair, and manage your weight by keeping your testosterone levels up!

We all know age is as much about how you look as how you feel. Unbalanced or decreased testosterone levels can make you feel old! Mood swings, a vanished libido, and fatigue take their toll and you start acting like you're a decade older.

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