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Testosterone Myth and Reality

By S. Ashton Faulkner

Ideas and stories are a basic part of human social life. From the beginnings of language – oral or written, even through paintings on cave walls – a good story has mileage that carries it across the Ages. Just as archaeologists attempt to decipher the Cuneiform script of ancient Sumeria, philosophers and scholars debate endlessly over the hidden meanings of the writings of Plato or Shakespeare. The one constant is how Truth is malleable depending upon the interpretation.

I don’t want to start a row over Gun Laws, but just look at how Congress is divided upon their understanding of the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

Everyone’s perceptions frame their reality. You hear a story and based upon your knowledge and history, you decide the validity of its facts or fabrications.

With that, let us tackle many of the misunderstandings and confusing ideas about Testosterone and testosterone supplementation. Ideas like how a man with low T-Levels is somehow less masculine, less Macho.How a decreased sex drive or a mid-life crisis are signs of lowered or imbalanced Testosterone. Can exercise or a testosterone supplement therapy restore your levels?

Myth: Testosterone Replacement leads to increased chances of Prostate Cancer.

Since it is the scariest one, I’ll start with the study on Prostate Cancer. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute released a study which found that “blood testosterone concentrations were not associated with the risk of prostate cancer.”The analysis included 18 different studies and since publications, more researchers have confirmed these findings.

Next up is how being overweight may lead to decreased levels of Testosterone.It is true that large amounts of fat – especially around that ‘spare tire’ many of us carry at the stomach – can be ‘sponge-like’ in their ability to soak testosterone out of the blood and reduce the sex-drive, lower energy levels and minimize typically ‘Male’ attributes.Researchers have also found that increased levels of testosterone correlate with decreasing body weight, particularly around the waist.

Myth: Testosterone Improves Fertility

Another false claim is that Testosterone improves fertility. This one is mainly a concern for those who attempt to overload their T-levels for performance enhancement or other athletic endeavors. Normal levels are indicative of normal sperm production whereas abnormal experimentation can effectively sterilize a man and cause shrunken or soft testicles. We here at ProBLEN want to assure you that our Organic Homeopathic Testosterone Supplement is not only safe but has also been formulated at Over-The-Counter strength. That way, your levels can be maintained at their highest strength, restoring the best potential balance of Testosterone that your body can sustain so that you can achieve increased energy and be more virile in your sex life. Our sublingual spray delivers a rapid absorption rate to your system that enhances your natural levels to their maximum without overloading and causing adverse side-effects.

A complicated misconception is how strenuous exercise may or may not raise your testosterone levels. The complicated answers are yes, maybe, and sort-of.As I mentioned earlier, overdoing it with a replacement therapy can lead to ‘deficiencies’ in your Man-area.Add in anything but moderate exercise and you can actually lower your levels of testosterone. You need to achieve a balance – as with everything, timing and balance are the keys to a fruitful Life – before you get caught in a demoralizing circle of reduced hormone levels that may cause you to give up exercising entirely.

This leads us to the older gentleman. Some call it Man-opause or being over the hill, others just say that the new sports car is compensation for shortcomings in the bedroom. Research has long shown that the testosterone hormone declines naturally with age – at least 1% each year – sometime during your 30s. With it goes your feeling of attractiveness and sexual prowess. Your libido takes the hit with an imbalance in your testosterone levels. Combining our Testosterone supplement with our Libido therapy can ensure your later years, your career, or your even alone time with your wife does not get boring.

Now, before beginning a Testosterone replacement therapy, most doctors suggest simple exercise or dieting to reduce the weight and fatty tissues first. ProBLEN’s professionally blended supplements go beyond targeting a single need or imbalance. Each ProBLEN anti-aging supplement targets one or more systems of the body, which aids in maintaining the overall good health and well-being of the consumer.

Our Testosterone supplementation has been proven to boost the Testosterone hormone throughout the body.ProBLEN Homeopathic Testosterone Hormone Supplement treats the symptoms associated with imbalanced Testosterone levels, safely and with no side effects. This is our story, our mission.

That is no misunderstanding.

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