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Understanding Homeopathy

Understanding Homeopathy


Ever since its development in the early 19th century, homeopathic medicine has produced results for millions of people throughout the world. Homeopathy works on the principle that the body is its own best healer, and homeopathic medicines are formulated to stimulate the body's own immune system and vital energies. In this way, treatment is performed by the body itself, and not by the sometimes intrusive or even outright harmful method of prescription drugs. In addition, homeopathy has the advantage of treating the actual condition rather than merely the symptoms.

Homeopathic medicine relies on the concept that the body can heal itself, and that the body has more intrinsic knowledge of what may be disordered or otherwise weakened. The boost to the body's systems provided by homeopathy enables the body to target its health issues more effectively than other treatments which rely on outside forces — which lack the familiarity the body has with itself. Look at it this way: imagine performing a common task in your own home, e.g. cooking a meal, assembling furniture, or repairing items. You know how your home is laid out, and you know where everything is — but if you were called upon to do the same tasks in a stranger's home, you would lack that information. Deprived of tools and knowledge, you could potentially still complete your task, but it would take much longer and produce an inferior result, if not cause outright damage in the process.

Homeopathy is akin to the first scenario, because when your body is healing itself, it's working in familiar territory. After all, what could be more familiar to your body than itself? Your body has been running itself for your entire life and can continue to do so, if given the proper support. Whereas, medicines or treatments that rely on "outside influences" are more akin to the second scenario, as these drugs are essentially strangers in your body; they can still complete their purpose, but not as effectively and with the added potential for harm.

So, how does homeopathy work, and what makes it work so well with your body?


Homeopathic Basics

Homeopathy was founded on the principle of "like cures like," and its name comes from Greek words meaning "like suffering." By introducing a tiny dose of a drug, homeopathy is meant to induce symptoms similar to those of the condition being treated. By causing these much-reduced symptoms, homeopathy spurs the immune system into action, so the body becomes more effective against battling the existing disease. Conversely, traditional drugs work against the body by attempting to overpower the symptoms, which causes undue stress on your system.

This minute dosage is too small to do any harm in itself, and is reached by the process of homeopathic dilution. This dilution process brings out the beneficial nature of substances by eliminating the harmful side effects — the body receives just enough of what it needs.


Homeopathic Dilutions and Potencies

To create a homeopathic medicine, first an appropriate substance is chosen — a completely natural substance that has the effects of producing certain symptoms in the body that align with the condition being sought to treat. This substance is added to a liquid mixture of water, alcohol, and glycerin, formulated to act as the best carrier for the homeopathic substance. The mixture starts out with one part of the substance added to nine parts liquid.

The mixture is then succussed, meaning vigorously shaken, and the result is a 1X dilution of the substance called a tincture. Next, the process is repeated by adding one part tincture to nine parts liquid, and succussed again, resulting in a 2X dilution. Depending on the needs of the specific remedy, this dilution may be performed several more times. For example, a 10X dilution has gone through the dilution process ten times.

This process results in increased potency of the treatment because the body only requires a minute dose of the necessary substance in order for the healing process to be triggered, and negative effects are removed through the dilution process.


Using Homeopathy to Boost Your Body's Natural Processes

It's truly amazing how much of the human body is governed by hormones — they affect everything from protein synthesis, to immune function, to energy levels and libido. As we age, our hormone balances shift, resulting in a less efficient body overall. Boosting your hormones is possible through homeopathy and at ProBLEN we have developed a line of hormone boosters and supplements that can aid your overall health and well-being by strengthening these vital functions. Browse our online store for more information on each of our hormone boosters and how they can safely help you to live your best life.

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